Fingertips mats

Placing mats in the entry may have several advantages: aesthetic, hygienic and even advertising, as long as it’s possible to print company logo on them. If this mat has to be located at the entrance of a high-traffic area, then you will need to look for an option that offers increased performance.


In these cases, as in the doors of residential buildings, hotels and offices, it is important to have an ally in maintaining the cleanliness of such facilities. Given that most of the dust and moisture entering to buildings through the soles of shoes, having Fingertips mats will help trap dirt and prevent dirty floors.


The fingertips mats has a particular textured finish, because they have tiny fibers that simulate rubber fingers. It is in this area that lies the secret of the effectiveness of fingertips mats, as these are responsible for eliminating  almost completely the dirt and mud from shoes just walking on it, making it the ideal outdoor mat. Fingertip mats are a small investment that will help maintain the cleanliness of its interiors.

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Recycled mats

A new trend is taking over gradually from the textile world: that of recycled mats. Not only are they fashionable, they are also very ecological, since they allow reuse materials that would otherwise end up in the trash.


To make these rugs are used materials such cloth, rubber and other fibers that would otherwise end up in the trash. Thus, colors and textures combine to create a unique rug that reflects your personality and suits your needs.


Among the many advantages of recyclable carpets, in addition to the benefits in terms of cleanliness and beauty inherent in these utilitarian and decorative pieces, it has its price. Being made from recycled materials, the cost is usually less than one made in the traditional way. Similarly, purchasing recycled mats is a way of protecting the environment and save energy. These mats have excellent quality and design, so its functionality is not affected by their material. If you want to protect the planet and its resources, it is worth investing in these recycled mats.

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Carpet mats

The advantages of Carpet mats are varied and beneficial in many respects to those who use and know to look after them properly. For these reasons, although they require an initial investment will help improve the quality of life of those who use wisely.



Carpet mats provides insulation and comfort. The fibers and the base of the mats are excellent thermal insulators. In colder climates, these mats have the advantage of keeping longer tempered air, reducing heating costs. Furthermore, the surface temperature of the carpet is several degrees higher than hard floors. Thus providing a comfortable place to work and live. Spaces give a greater sense of warmth and welcome.


Mats can reduce the amount of pollutants. Simply put, what gets on your carpet (dust, allergens and many other pollutants that we breathe) tends to be trapped in the fiber, until it is removed by routine vacuuming. Unlike hard floors, which allow free movement of products, well maintained carpets have the advantage of improving air quality where they are installed.


Carpet mats can improve the acoustics of the places where they are installed. Many offices have areas where telephones, conversations and interactions can be very distracting occupants. To absorb and block noise over 20 decibels, the carpet has the advantage of improving productivity, relieving stress, increasing the level of welfare. Especially if you are someone who loves good music will appreciate this quality much as hear a more balanced overall sound.


Regardless of whether carpet mat is located at the entrance, the lobby or any other area of your home or office, they will bring these benefits and many more.

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